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Inlägg Göteborg

Choose an area and compete in an open art competition
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all is pure energy

  • All is pure energy!

    Hi, my name is Maria Skomarowska. I come from Ukraine, but all my adult life I've spent studying Architecture and Art in Poland, and around the world. I met a lot of people on my way, especially while travelling. In my life I am powered by people, by nature, by energy which fills me through relationship with this world.

    I believe the art is the great source of inspiration and has "that" power to change the world. The painting I presented is my massage to all the neighbors, tourists, people who had a glance on my artwork - All we need is more colors, more life and We need each other!
    Let's fill the Emptiness with a Kindness and Love!
    If you are reading this, I don't know how far you are, I am happy that you are the one who found it interesting. Thank You for that!

    4. Choose an area for your artwork (optional): Central City _Grey area, or Magasinsgatan area
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    Name: Marija Skomarowska
    City: Krakow
    Country: Poland
    Username: Marija Skomarowska