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Inlägg Göteborg

Choose an area and compete in an open art competition
Submit your entry and vote for your favorite artwork

astronaut in love

  • astronaut in love

    I'm a Brazilian architect and artist born in 1989. All of my acclivities was always involved with art somehow, art is my passion and the tool I always used to show my ideas and positively change the world around people. I'm used to apply my artwork in a lot of different surfaces and love to work on public walls, I really think that the street art is the most democratic way of art, witch everyone can contemplate it. Urban art it's a part of everybody lives and it carry lots of different interpretations. The artwork I submitted was created specially to this contest, it represents the love, the passion that moves people toward their dreams. Keep Loving!

    4. Choose an area for your artwork (optional): Central city - Megasinsgatan
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    Name: Rômulo Lass
    City: Curitiba
    Country: Brazil
    Username: Rômulo Lass