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Inlägg Göteborg

Choose an area and compete in an open art competition
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  • Endemic

    Im a German/Colombian naturalist that like to ilustrate animals, specialy fishes. I my country, I want to show the what they we in the environment, so thats why I sometimes write the scientific name. My father and my mother are biologist, as a kid I always like to be in the nature. Painting with the roller and a telescope pole is my speciality, I can paint on higher places where could be some space to paint, without covering others. At the moment Im travening in Europe, so it can be a perfect moment to be there and represent my Country. see more

    4. Choose an area for your artwork (optional): 8 The pillar of the legendary stat- ue “Sjömanshustrun” might need some colorization on a banner? Another great example of an area is the entrance of this tunnel A car park who needs some colourful ideas
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    Name: Rainer Wedler
    City: Medellin
    Country: Colombia
    Username: Rainer Wedler