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Inlägg Göteborg

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in the station to barcelona

  • In the station to Barcelona

    Drawings which made in the aftermath of presentation which was created by Slama Shmuel.
    For the first time in the world of the art there is an usage of the mineral mud from the dead sea as part of the creation of the art.
    The figures which participating in the exhibit are coating with the black mud from foot until head. They were located in different railway stations in the world : Barcelona, London, Bangkok, Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva.
    They stand in the unspecified site, are alienated which other in the scene of expectancy or leaving.
    Railway station is central noisy place of person but to the most you put alone.
    The caption of the works is freezing of a moment certain alive – wanderings from station to the station.
    The composition of the figures which are coating with the black mud, their accessories which are attending them with deep colorfulness and the dramatic contrast between them is creating an enjoyable, fascinating, momentarily, visual experience
    By means of the drawings that perpetuate the presentation, Slama Shmuel is creating an multiple experience for the observer. These drawings like most of those pictures of the artist are characterized in the deep colorfulness with great multiple expressive shades.

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    City: Aven Yeoad (near Tel-aviv)
    Country: Israel
    Username: SHMUEL SLAMA