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Inlägg Göteborg

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the lost paradise

  • The lost paradise

    My name is Isaac Barreda Iam a peruvian artist from Lima the capital of Peru I was born in the port of Callao one of the bigger of South America in a popular neighboorhood. I start to paint very young when I was a kid and I never stopped. I am now living in France with my family.
    This work is part of a personal série that I began in peru 10 years ago, the size is 1.00 meter x 1.60 m, it is a mixed technical of acrylic, aquarela, oil and spray.
    It represents an epoch of abundance and utopia, a paradise in earth with urban contrasts and esoteric symbology.
    Natural elements are the basis of a city and culture in an organic context, showing a society without complexes, united and mysterious.

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    Country: FRANCE
    Username: ISAAC BARREDA