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Inlägg Göteborg

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this is what i get for dreaming

  • This is What I Get for Dreaming

    I am Joe Turpin, Visual Artist born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. I got into art through Graffiti and influence of my late mother, who was a photographer that documented the Anti-Apartheid struggle. "This is What I Get for Dreaming" was an elaborate idea I had for street art when visiting Bordeaux in France. The idea of an African and endangered animal like the Elephant floating on top and on the walls of a European city was quite playful, surreal and funny to me. Also a commentary on the results of Colonialism and the minerals of Africa, such as Ivory, being taken to make Europe and it's facades very grand and wealthy. The painting was completed for my first ever exhibition in Bordeaux and ironically never painted on the streets as Graffiti, and so this is a feat I feel the work needs to obtain.

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    Name: Joe Turpin
    City: Johannesburg
    Country: South Africa
    Username: JoeTurpin