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The competition is completed – view the 12 winners here

Areas in Gothenburg

The areas set aside for the winners of the competition are located along a 21 km route stretching all across Gothenburg. Entrants are able to choose an area that they think is best-suited to their entry.

The 21 km route is a huge art project named ”21 km of Art”. It is just one of several projects planned and in progress for Gothenburg’s 400-year anniversary in 2021. The route stretches from the Blå Stället Culture Centre in Angered, in the north-east of Gothenburg, to the Röda Sten art gallery in the west, cutting right through the centre of the city on its way.

The map

You can see the route of the 21 km of Art project by looking at our map.

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Areas in Google Street View

You can find images and links to Google Street View of the route here, making it easy for you to find your favourite area.
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Central city


Past project by unemployed youths

The majority of the competition entries from Gothenburg Art 21 will be painted by young unemployed people
from the project Lets colour Gothenburg.
In this project, the participating youths have for several years achieved great results and appreciated art.

View past projects here

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