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Reporting offensive material

Every entry page will have a button which allows for the reporting of offensive material. This report function can be used by anybody who considers the proposed artwork/colour scheme to be offensive or objectionable. Anyone who clicks the button will have to provide a motivation for their report. Reports are immediately submitted to the competition organisers. The jury will then decide whether or not the entry should be considered offensive. If the jury agrees with the report and considers the entry offensive, it will be disqualified from the competition.


You hereby agree that your entry is an artwork created by yourself or by another person who has given you the permission to send the pictures on his or her behalf. By submitting your entry to West Sweden Painting Contractors Association (Måleriföretagen i Väst), you guarantee you that it is your original material and that the material does not restrict another person’s privacy, copyright, rights of publicity or other intellectual property.

By submitting your entry, you agree that you assign all economic rights to your competition entriy to West Sweden Painting Contractors Association. You can not claim any financial compensation for the publication or reproduction of your work within the project, other than what is stated by the competition rules. If your artwork will be published, produced or reproduced, your name shall be recognized in accordance with good practice.

West Sweden Painting Contractors Association reserves the right to use submitted entries for marketing purposes, press and media use, and on its website.

Other terms and conditions

Your artwork must include painting or light in some how.

The winning entries are planned to be painted on sections of the 21 km (13 mile) long stretch of art that will run all the way through Gothenburg. The winning entries will be put on display in a public urban environment, meaning that your artwork may not:
– include material that infringes Swedish law.
– include material considered objectionable of offensive, such as child pornography, political manifestations, racially or ethnically abusive symbolism, etc.
– include material considered religious manifestations
– constitute a threat to any ethnic group
– be plagiarised or derived from another’s work
– include material that infringes Swedish industry practice

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