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Inlägg Göteborg
Colors, natures, life are the base and consistency of my art. Pantanal makes a reference to the threatened life of the bi... Read more
Gamlestadsvägen, 27 Magasinsgatan
Rafael Alencar Viana Campos Machado
City: Belo Horizonte
Country: Brasil
Username: rafaelvcm
Hi, my name is Maria Skomarowska. I come from Ukraine, but all my adult life I’ve spent studying Architecture and... Read more
Central City _Grey area, or Magasinsgatan area
Marija Skomarowska
City: Krakow
Country: Poland
Username: Marija Skomarowska
Thiago Mazza, 32, was raised between Ouro Branco and the district of Santa Rita de Ouro Preto, by the countryside of Mina... Read more
Thiago Mazza
City: Belo Horizonte
Country: Brasil
Username: Thiago Mazza
My name is Tomas Paulsson and I create artwork under the name Tjet72. Im 44 years old and work as a teacher and an illustrat... Read more
Tomas Paulsson
City: Uppsala
Country: Sverige
epost:, mobil: 076 32 19 034
Username: tjet72
Origen: Bogotá Colombia Profesión: Diseñador grafico y artista urbano El primer acercamiento al graffiti y al Str... Read more
Concreto street art
Country: España or (+34) 655 68 78 80
Username: CONCRETO
Jag är en konstnär bosatt i Göteborg. Konsten har alltid följt mig, och jag har målat och skapat så länge jag kan m... Read more
Linda Ljungblad
City: Göteborg
Country: Sverige
Username: lindaljungblad
My name is Lider García, I am from Ecuador and I have been living in Sweden since the summer of 2003. I work as art teacher a... Read more
Lider Garcia Gomez
City: Ålem
Country: Sweden - 0046768516551
Username: Lider Garcia Gomez
I painted the Wodaabe Boy a couple of years ago when I was attending classes at the Art School (Szkółka Plastyczna i Gal... Read more
Katarzyna Dybała
City: Gliwice
Country: Poland
Username: Arkady
I´m a woman artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. My work is about gender and tolerance. Is a portrait of a girl, or a boy.... Read more
Central City
Irene Lasivita
City: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
Username: Irene Lasivita
I’m a Brazilian architect and artist born in 1989. All of my acclivities was always involved with art somehow, ar... Read more
Central city - Megasinsgatan
Rômulo Lass
City: Curitiba
Country: Brazil
Username: Rômulo Lass
Hi, I’m 45 years old and been painting since I was a child. My art work is a realistic drawing of an Oryx with oil colo... Read more
City: Tel-Aviv
Country: Israel
Username: Ran
I am Alan Myers, urban artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. My work combines elements of nature, the female figure as th... Read more
Central city
Alan Myers
City: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
Username: Alan Myers
I am a seventeen year old high school student. My work is a stylised acrylic painting of an elephant. The elephant, thoug... Read more
Rajorshi Sircar
City: Gurgaon
Country: India
Username: Rajorshi Sircar
Jag är en seriös och driven konstnär sedan 10 år tillbaka och mitt skapande inom konst är helhjärtat och kompromi... Read more
Central City
City: Lindome
Country: Sverige tel. 070-319 88 29
Username: marion
My work is about unity, once my grandmother told me that in the eyes of a person we can find all their information, their wo... Read more
Agustina Pereyra Diaz
City: La Plata
Country: Argentina +5492215349191
Username: Agustina Sūhai
Mitt namn är Catarina Kylberg, 42 år, boende i Uppsala. Jag har arbetat i många år som lärare, men vågade äntlige... Read more
Central City Folkets hus
Catarina Kylberg
City: Uppsala
Country: Sverige 0702-505461
Username: Catarina Kylberg
Madrid based artist born in Bulgaria. He graduated in Graphic Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid. After 20 ye... Read more
Christo Guelov
City: Madrid
Country: Spain
email: Skype: trickvision
Username: Christo G
Frederico ‘DRAW’ and Rodrigo ‘CONTRA’ We are two artists from Porto, Portugal that usuall... Read more
Central City
Frederico Soares de Campos e Sousa
City: Porto
Country: Portugal | +351916115624
Username: Frederico Soares Campos
“DIVE” is the pseudonym and platform under which a genuine, raging truth-strive takes place. This in ord... Read more
Önskemål in order of appearance. 1: NK, 2: Strömmingsluckan, 3: Folkets Hus, 4: Älvsborgsbron
City: Gothenburg
Country: Sweden
Username: DIVE
Black girls are magic. Every season is her season. She is the sun and the moon and her hair is full of stars define gravity.
City: Örebro
Country: Sweden
Username: MNLart
I’m Achilles a street artist based in Athens, Greece. “Love at first like” is a piece criticizing t... Read more
City: Athens
Country: Greece
Username: achilles
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